The Presidential Library presents an online project based on the exhibition “Creator of the Russian Welfare…” that was held from May 13 to August 14, 2022, marking the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great. The featured materials reveal the history of the creation of the fleet and the regular army by Peter I and introduce reforms in the field of public administration: the establishment of the Senate and the Synod, the formation of the executive authorities - boards. The project showcases such monuments as “Civil primer book with moralizing”, “Honest mirror of youth”, and on the example of the laws “on the wearing of every rank of people of German dress and shoes…”, “on shaving beards and mustaches of every rank of people, except for priests and deacons…” allows readers to trace how the way of life of Russian society has changed. Part of the documents is devoted to the personality of Peter I, the most important events of his biography, which influenced the formation of the emperor's worldview. The project also features materials spotlighting the memory of Peter, including rare images of historical places associated with his name. More...



Marking the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great, the Presidential Library has prepared an electronic exhibition “Peter’s Petersburg – the economic centre of the Russian state”. The map of St. Petersburg of the XVIII century marks the objects of the Peter’s epoch associated with the economic reforms of Peter the Great. Rare documents from the Presidential Library’s digital collections tell about the development of trade, industry and production since 1703 and the management of economic activity of the Russian state. The exposition was showcased on the St. Petersburg stand on the platform of SPIEF-22, as well as in the Presidential Library.


In 2022 Russia celebrates Peter the Great’s 350th anniversary. Thus, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with the Presidential Library, is featuring a project called the Library of Peter Ι. The collection of manuscripts, books and graphics, collected during the life of the emperor, formed the country's first public library, which he created. For many decades, BAN specialists have been examining and restoring this collection, unique in its diversity and content. The project features handwritten books, both those that belonged to the closest relatives of Peter I, and those donated to him personally; copies of printed books purchased in Europe by his order and numerous handwritten maps.


Marking the 13th anniversary of the formation of the Presidential Library and the All-Russian Day of Libraries the Presidential Library has prepared an online project “The Ensemble of the Senate and Synod buildings”. The architectural ensemble of the Senate and the Synod is housed on Senate Square in the historic center in St. Petersburg. This place is associated with the history of St. Petersburg and the Russian Empire. Not only the history of the city, but the entire state has been changed in the functional purpose, architecture and nature of local buildings as in a mirror. The Internet project provides opportunity to learn about the main milestones in the development of the territory where the Presidential Library is housed, the history of the creation of the ensemble of the Senate and the Synod buildings as well as the activities of institutions located here at different times.


World War II and the Great Patriotic War in documents and evidence of the era: distance lesson / Presidential Library, [Scientific and Educational Department]; Alla Ryabova, methodologist of the Scientific and Educational Department of the Presidential Library. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2021.

Part 1: September 1931 - May 1945 - 2021. - 1 video file (17 min. 03 sec).

Part 2: May 1941 - September 1945 - 2021. - 1 video file (19 min 46 s).


The Presidential Library presents a new multimedia exhibition “The Great Patriotic War, which determined the outcome of the Second World War. Marking the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945”.



Electronic exhibition "Petrograd in 1917: what, where, when. Marking the 100th anniversary of the Revolution in Russia" is devoted to the revolution of 1917 in Russia, which key events took place in Petrograd. More...