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Birth of Timofey I. Tutolmin, statesman and military leader, General of the Infantry

14 January 1740

3 (14) January 1740 was born Timofey I. Tutolmin, statesman and military leader, General of Infantry, Tver Governor (1776-1784), Governor-General of Arkhangelsk and Olonets provinces (1784-1793), Moscow governor (1806-1809).

Timofey came from a noble family, was the grandson of Ivan V. Tutolmin, Stolnik, the son of Ivan I. Tutolmin, a cornet of the Horse Guards.

In 1746, Timofey lost his father. He was then brought up by his uncle Vasily. In 1750, the boy was sent to study in the Land Gentry Cadet Corps. Timogey Tutolmin smelled powder during the Seven Years' War of 1756-1762 with Prussia.

In 1769, in the rank of lieutenant colonel Tutolmin distinguished himself during the capture of Bendery during the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774, for which he was awarded the Order of St. George, 4th degree.

In January 1774, Tutolmin started to command one of the squadrons of Chuguevsky Cossack regiment. Being a member of the corps under the General Golitsyn, Timofey distinguished himself in the battle of Sakmarsky district town during the Peasants' War of 1773-1775 by attacking the army of Yemelyan Pugacheva and putting the rebels to flight.

From 1776 Tutolmin had been in the civil service, was a governor of Tver, then of Yekaterinoslav. As the governor of Tver, Tutolmin promoted publishing of the first works on the history of Tver and Tver principality, opening almshouses and orphanages, schools for the merchant and middle-class children, of typography, of a new post office in the town of Staritsa and other.

In May 1784, in the rank of lieutenant-general Timofey was appointed Governor-General of Arkhangelsk and Olonets provinces and showed himself in this position as an enterprising and energetic administrator. In the short term he secured the formation and operation of authorities in the newly formed Olonets province. He organized the planned construction of a new provincial center.

Timofey Ivanovich was personally involved in the opening of the new district towns - Lodeynoye Pole and Pudozh (1785). In addition, Tutolmin invited to Alexander the plant in 1786 a group of highly qualified metallurgists from England headed by K. Gascoigne to reconstruct the enterprise on the basis of advanced Western European experience. Owing to his energy and efficiency Tutolmin enjoyed the favor of Catherine II.

I. M. Dolgoruky, who knew will Timofey Tutolmin, wrote of him: "A smart, shrewd, cautious man, who treated everyone quite exceptionally. <...> He could be exacting in the service and courteous in communication."

At the same time Timofey Ivanovich was not devoid of vanity, had a passion for lavish ceremonies and loved to live in grand style. According to contemporaries, it was Tutolmin whom G. R. Derzhavin, being at the time the governor of Olonets province, described in his ode "For luck" (1789): "On the lush card thrones tawdry kings are sitting."

June 18 (29), 1793 Tutolmin was appointed a senator and left Petrozavodsk. Later, he ruled the Minsk, Volhynian, Podolia and Bratslav provinces.

In the reign of Emperor Paul I Tutolmin fell into disgrace, was dismissed from all the posts, and soon imprisoned on a false denunciation in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where he was serving a sentence during one and a half years. After the exculpation, Tutolmin was restored in all ranks and positions, got back all the property and estates. Abandoning the service, Timofey Ivanovich went to live in the Tver province. August 3 (15), 1806 the Emperor Alexander I appointed Tutolmin the governor of Moscow. In this position, Timofey Ivanovich took measures to stop the penetration of banned goods into Moscow, delegated the Treasury Chamber to retail salt. In 1808, he initiated the elaboration of a complete leveling plan of the capital.  

In 1809, Tutolmin left the service due to illness and moved to St. Petersburg, where he died October 1 (13), 1809. Timofey Tutolmin was buried in the Trinity Cathedral of the Dormition Monastery in Staritsa in the family tomb near his estate hamlet Novoye.

Timofey I. Tutolmin was awarded the Orders of St. Andrew, St. Alexander Nevsky, St. Vladimir 1st and 2nd degree, St. Anne 1st degree, St. George 4th degree.

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