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The State Treasury Department established

14 February 1821

2 (14) February 1821, under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire was established the State Treasury Department, which managed the receipt, storage and issuance of state funds.

The reforms carried out in Russia in the second half of the 18th century had changed the structure of financial management on the central and local levels. Under the Governing Senate was established a Dispatch Office on public revenues, consisting of four divisions: the Revenue Division, the Expenditures Division, Accounts (control) Division and the Public Debts Division. The post of state treasurer, who was appointed at the discretion of the emperor and reported to the Attorney General was established for the management of the Office.

In September 1802 was by Alexander I signed the Manifesto «On the establishment of ministries." Financial management was distributed among three departments - the Ministry of Finance, the State Treasury and the State Control.

In 1821 the Dispatch Office of state revenues, part of the State Treasury under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire, was replaced by the State Treasury Department. Simultaneously, the State Treasury ceased to exist as a separate agency. With the establishment of the State Treasury Department, in the Russian Empire, a clear mechanism of operation of treasuries, from the central oen - The Department of the State Treasury - to the local ones, provincial and district treasuries finally formed.

Department of the State Treasury kept records of cash receipts into the state treasury, was in charge of the opening and closing of loans and made the cash report on the balance, the income, the expenditure and the cash flow of the State Treasury for the year for submission to the State Council. The Department also carried out the accounting of the production, receipt by the Treasury and the circulation of bank notes and coins; it gave orders and led correspondence regarding the acquisition of gold and silver coins for the treasury.

In early 20th century the role of the treasury increased due to the growth of the state income and expenditure, complexity of the financial system. From 1900 the department was supervising the inspectors of the State-owned houses and treasuries. From 1905 the department considered the bills drawn up by the ministries on the new expenditure from the Treasury, and prepared opinions on them.

After the events of October (November) 1917, the State Treasury Department was made part of the People's Commissariat of Finance.

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