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The Committee for arrangement of educational institutions was established

26 May 1826

14 (26) May 1826 by the imperial rescript of Nicholas I addressed to the Minister of Education A. S. Shishkov to establish a "Committee for the comparisons and the equation of charters of educational institutions” under the Ministry of National Education (MNE) of the Russian Empire was created the Committee for arrangement of educational institutions.

The predecessor of the Committee was the Interim Committee which was in charge of composing a draft general statute for educational institutions under the Main Board of schools (5 January 1825 – 14 May 1826). 21 May (2 June) 1826 the Committee was given the official name: the Committee for arrangement of educational institutions. Due to this fact the Committee of the draft general statute for educational institutions was eliminated.

Decision to reorganize the public education system was made by Nicholas I, under the influence of the Decembrist uprising of 1825. The aim of the newly established Committee was the introduction of a "uniform structure of educational institutions throughout the Empire, from parochial schools and to universities".

According to the edict, the Committee was ordered to: compare charters of educational institutions from parochial schools to universities; consider and compare curricula at all educational institutions; streamline charters of educational institutions and develop curricula and methodology of their teaching.

From 1826 to 1828 the Committee chaired by the Minister of Education, A. A. Shishkov, included: K. A. Lieven, M. M. Speransky, J. O. Lambert, S. S. Uvarov, E. K. Sievers, A. K. Storch, A. A. Perovski and S. G. Stroganov; government affairs – P. A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov. In subsequent years, it was chaired by the Minister of Education, K. A. Lieven (1828-1833) and S. S. Uvarov (1833-1849). Following the resignation of the latter, a new chairman was not appointed.

During its activity the Committee has developed charters and staff for high schools, county and parish schools, colleges, universities and the Main Pedagogical Institute; the rules for arrangement of Belarusian educational institutions and Regulations of the Caucasian schools. Totally 139 meetings of the Committee were held: first one - June 21 (July 3) 1826, the last one - May 24 (5 June) 1842, correspondence of the Committee lasted until 6 (18) May 1844. In the period of 1844-1850 it had actually been out of function.

Due to the implementation of the Committee's objectives and in connection with the establishment of a new committee to review the regulations and institutions of the Ministry of Public Education (1850-1856) under the chairmanship of D. N. Bludov the Committee for arrangement of educational institutions was closed under the report of the Minister of Public Education P. A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov approved by the Emperor March 13, 1850.

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