The Leningrad Region was founded

1 August 1927

August 1, 1927 under the Resolution of the Central Executive Committee and Sovnarkom of the RSFSR, the Leningrad Region was formed.

Historical predecessor of the Leningrad Region was Ingermanland Governorate (from 1710 - St. Petersburg Province) created in 1708 by Peter I. It was a vast area of over 480, 000 km ² which included the territory of the present Leningrad Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region, Tver Region, the southern part of Arkhangelsk Region, west of Vologda Region and Yaroslavl Region, part of Karelia. In 1719, as a result of the regular administrative and territorial reform, St. Petersburg Governorate was divided into 11 provinces.

In 1727 was founded the Novgorod Governorate, it included Novgorod, Pskov, Velikiye Luki, Belozersk and Tver Provinces. Simultaneously, Yaroslavl and Uglich Provinces became part of the Moscow Governorate.

In 1744 the Vyborg Governorate was formed. It included Vyborg and Kexholm Provinces which previously made part of Petersburg Governorate, as well as the lands received from Sweden under the Treaty of Abo which completed the Russian-Swedish war of 1741-1743. Thus, by 1744, Petersburg Governorate diminished significantly, and included just two provinces – Petersburg Province and Narva Province.

During the implementation of the governorate reform of 1775, 1 (12) January 1780 Catherine II issued a decree "On the establishment of St. Petersburg Governorate of seven counties." According to this document the Governorate was divided into counties: St. Petersburg County, Shlisselburg County, Sofia County, Rozhdestvensky County, Oranienbaum County, Yamburg County and Narva County.

Later, during the 19th century, the territory of the governorate had repeatedly been changed, some parts of were made independent. By the early 20th century, the territory which is now occupied by the Leningrad Region, included several administrative units: St. Petersburg Governorate (except for Gdov County), most of the Vyborg Governorate, north of Novgorod County and most of the Tikhvin County of the Novgorod Governorate, as well as Lodeinopolsky County and part of Olonets County of the Olonets Governorate.

In early 1924, the city of Petrograd was renamed to Leningrad and the governorate was given the name of Leningrad Governorate.

Leningrad Region, as an independent administrative unit, was formed August 1, 1927 upon a resolution of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Soviet of People's Commissars of the RSFSR from 5 governorates: Leningrad Governorate, Pskov Governorate, Novgorod Governorate, Cherepovets Governorate and Murmansk Governorate. By this time, the USSR completed the adoption of a new system of administrative division - regions displaced governorates. Therefore, upon the resolution of the Central Executive Committee and Sovnarkom of the RSFSR, the Leningrad Region passed from provincial, county and township division to county and district division with a corresponding change of the name of local government.

The territory of the Leningrad Region included nine counties: Leningrad, Luga, Lodeinopolsky, Cherepovets, Novgorod, Borovichi, Pskov, Murmansk and Velikoluksky. Under the resolution of the Central Executive Committee of August 1, 1927 were established the borders and the structure of the counties, and also approved the list of districts of the Leningrad Region.

After the Soviet-Finnish War and the Great Patriotic War, the Leningrad Region took its present geographical shape.

Currently, the Leningrad Region is a subject of the Russian Federation. Its legislative body is the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, the executive authority is represented by the Government of the Leningrad Region. The region borders upon two states: the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Estonia, as well as upon five subjects of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Karelia, the Vologda Region, the Novgorod Region, the Pskov Region and the city of federal status, St. Petersburg.

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