The first number of ‘Russian bulletin’ issued

15 September 1863

On September 3 (15), 1863 in Moscow appeared the first number of Russian social-political paper ‘Russian bulletin’.

At first the edition created by N.F. Pavlov, the man of letters, was out three times a week. Beginning from 1868 it became a daily paper having obtained the right to be issued without prior censorship and from 1871 its circulation increased.

Soon the paper became a publication of Moscow liberal professorate and Zemstvo figures opposing to more conservative paper ‘Moscow bulletin’. This edition published the works of representatives of town council such as: N.N. Shchepkin, S.N. Goncharov, A.I. Koshelev; as well as liberal professors: K.D. Kavelin, N.I. Kareev, V.O. Klutchevsky, M.M. Kovalevsky, A.A. Manuilov, P.B. Struve, A.P.Chekhov, B.N. Chicherin, A.I. Chuprov, I.P. Yanzhul, etc.

By the middle of seventies’ ‘Russian bulletin’ had become one of the most influential Russian papers.

In 1880—1890 the edition edited by V.M. Sobolevsky and A.S. Postnikov published the democratic writers and figures of populist movement: V.G. Korolenko, N.G. Tchernyshevski, P.L. Lavrov, N.K. Mikhailovsky, M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, G.I. Uspensky, etc.

The paper had repeated suffered from censor repressions for its oppositional orientation and proclamation of the necessity of constitutional reforms. In 1898 and 1901 issuing of ‘Russian bulletin’ was suspended for breaking of circular that prohibited to publish the reports of trial against police officials. From December 22 (January 5), 1905 to January 1 (14), 1906 the issuing had been suspended for ‘revolt movement’ support. ‘Russian bulletin’ had been repeatedly fined, its numbers confiscated.

From 1905 the paper practically became the publication of Cadets right wing. After the February revolution of 1917 its authors supported bourgeois Provisional Government, opposed Bolsheviks. After the October revolution ‘Russian bulletin’ was suppressed for counter revolutionary agitation.

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From the Presidential library materials:

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