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Anniversary of Nicholas I decree on the Institute of Technology establishment in St. Petersburg

10 December 1828

November 28 (December 10), 1828 under a decree of Emperor Nicholas I, was established the St. Petersburg Practical Institute of Technology in order to "prepare people with sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge for managing factories or their parts”. Today the Institute is one of the leading Russian universities in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, cybernetics and technology.

The idea of establishing the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology belonged to Russian finance minister E. F. Kankrin. In August 1828 his proposal was considered by the State Council and approved by the emperor. The Institute was intended for 132 students: junior classes - 72 people, senior - 60. All the students were supported by the state and received uniforms. For the needs of the institution, it was decided to give a plot behind Fontanka River at the crossing of Zagorodny and Tsarskoselskii prospectuses. Architects A. I. Postnikov and E. H. Ahnert constructed the main building of the Institute of Technology, which was opened on 11 (23) October, 1831. In 1856 the complex of the buildings of the institute was expanded; later the fourth floor was added to the main building.

As a result of reforms of1862-1868 the Institute became a special high school: junior classes (of general education) were closed. To take entrance examinations were allowed young men who had graduated from classical school. Under the new Regulations (1862) the Institute of four-year education was to prepare general engineers of two professions: mechanicians and chemists. The Institute graduates   were given ranks of technologists of I or II level.

In 1896 the Institute was renamed into the “Technological Institute of the Emperor Nicholas I”. In 1905 the building of the Institute housed the meetings of the first Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies - in this regard in 1924, the institute was named the Leningrad City Soviet (the Leningrad City Soviet of Peoples’ Deputies).

In 1906, the departments of the Institute were converted into faculties: of chemistry and mechanics. With the rapid development of electrical engineering, new subjects were introduced: dynamo structure, the use of electricity, electrometer and others. During the World War I 1914-1918 in workshops and laboratories of the Institute was organized the production of chlorine, pocket warmers, ammunition, explosives, tempering of steel, volatilization of phosphorus for military purposes, and new professions introduced: railroad study, airplanes. In 1930 the Institute was joined by chemical departments of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and the Leningrad State University.

In Soviet times, the Institute of Technology were created unique departments: the country's first department of plastics technology (1929), glass technology (1930), synthetic rubber (1931), chemistry of solids (1968).

Over the years, among teachers and students of the Institute were outstanding Russian scientists and inventors: the author of the periodic system of chemical elements D. I. Mendeleyev; F. F. Beilshteyn – author of the world famous “Organic Chemistry Guide", A. E. Favorsky and S. V. Lebedev - organizers of the industrial production of synthetic rubber; engineer G. V. Trinkler; physicist A. F. Joffe; one of the inventors of television V. K Zworykin; pioneer of color photography Prokudin-Gorsky and many others.
In 1992 the Institute was granted the status of Technical University and was renamed into Saint Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University).

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