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FundRGIA F 1286.Police Department of the executive Ministry of Internal Affairs (1811-1880): 1802-1905Identifier3E300ED0-CD39-49AF-8489-5BA5B90FA401Text languagerusDates1802-1905Volume79833 Storage unitsOrganization48 DescriptionLevelFundannotationOn January 7, 1803, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was formed by the expedition of calm and degree, July 3, 1803 G-renamed on the expedition of state improvement (second) June 25, 1811, this expedition was transferred to the newly educated Ministry of the Police and was renamed to the Police Department the Executive Department carried out management activitiesUrban and Zemstvo police on November 4, 1819 The Department was transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the abolished Ministry of Police Classes were distributed among three branches and the Office on April 15, 1836, 4th (countable) branch was also created in connection with the abolition of the third branch of his own imperial majesty of the Office (6August 1880) and the formation of an inherited function of the State Police Department of the State Police Department of the Executive Police was abolished November 15, 1880 The first department of the Department was reported by provincial, county and city offices;watched the intake of state filings and other fees from the peasants;He managed the establishment and content of urban guards and fire teams, managed gendarme teams in the provinces;He won the service of officials of the provincial administration, urban and sorvenous police, as well as other issues related to maintaining and complying with the procedure and improving placement in the field The second branch was led by correspondence on the affairs of the vessel and criminal police;and also engaged in the device and content of prisons, stages;sending people from the capitals;gave orders for the withdrawal of prohibited literature, on trade abuses;preventing vagrancy and the third branch was led by correspondence on the execution of court sentences;Wound on the recovery of all sorts of files and arrears;supervised the order of recruit sets before adopting recruited by the military authorities (up to 1874);gave orders along the approach to the transportation of the provisional when the troops and the military will be moved;Supervision over the exact execution of contracts The fourth counting department (from 1836) led bills throughout the DepartmentannotationCases on the statement of the states of the police in different cities and settlements for 1802-1825 Materials on the transformation of the police for the 1839-1880 Governors, Governors, Governors, Police and other officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;On approval of uniforms of employees under the provinces for 1802-1825;About the personal composition of police and other urban institutions for 1826-1863 cases of expulsion over the border of different persons and on the ban on the entry into Russia for 1826-1856, the case of expulsion of different persons under the supervision of the police and on the implementation of police supervision for them for 1826-1880 GG of the case on the device and the content of prisons, about the content and forwarding of prisoners, to forward the reference (including political) on stage for the 1821-1871 GG of the case on establishing a police supervision;on the position of exile;On the resolution of various persons of the departure for the border for 1878-1880, the case of the Commission for the revision of cases and statements about persons consisting under the supervision of the police permissions and persons on persons under the supervision of the police and personsinvolved in the "Nechaff case", for 1863-1879 of the case on bringing to the responsibility of the participants of the Polish uprising 1830-1831 in 1830-1843 of the case on bringing to the responsibility of the participants of the Polish uprising 1863-1864 in 1863 years of the expulsion of horses from the Caucasusfor 1802-1880;On returning to the homeland expelled from the Caucasus of the Highland for 1859-1861, the case on the situation and unrest of peasants in different provinces, on the complaints of the peasants on the oppression of landowners and the local administration for 1802-1863, the case of the recruitment of the recruitmentfor 1806-1807, 1812-1814;Bashkir and others regiments for the 1855-1856 GG of the case of the Cossack troops for 1802-1825 GG on the management and state of the economy of individual areas and cities of Russia;On the approval of the coat of arms and plans of the cities for 1802-1825;On the division and delimitation of the provinces and counties, renaming cities and villages for 1802-1880;Projects and Correspondence on Administrative Device and Management of Siberia, Kamchatka, Bessarabia, Caucasus, Finland for 1802-1880 GG Plans and Cards of Cities, Drawings of various government buildings for 1802-1880 GG.On the splitters for the 1802-1825 GG of the case on fires and issuance of loans to the victim of the population for 1802-1825, the case of the construction of bridges, canals, the cleaning of the Rivers for 1802-1825, the case of the repair of government buildings for 1802-1825, on the allocation of funds for constructionWorks on the provinces for 1864-1871, the construction and repair of government buildings, including prisons and administrative buildings for 1839-1880, the case of military structures for the 1821-1825 GG of the case of charging and fees;about construction and road works;About postal glying and postal tracts for 1826-1871, 1877;On the construction of roads, station houses, about the content of the post office for 1846-1871, 1877, the case of the noble and merchant elections for 1826-1845Cases of bringing to the responsibility of different persons for criminal and other crimes for 1802-1880;On the establishment of OPECs over the estates for 1846-1856 of the case on the issuance of foreign passports for 1844-1863 of the case of transferring from one class to another for 1857-1880 cases of consideration of complaints of different persons on the actions of the police for 1802-1880Societies, meetings, clubs, libraries for 1846-1880 Cases of provincial printing houses for 1865-1871 Materials on the turnover of printing houses on the provinces for 1876, 1879, 1880 Materials with information about reference prices for flour and cereal by provinces;On the position of exile and prisoners, including political;On the resolution of various persons of the departure abroad for 1802-1880, the censorship of periodicals;On the opening of printing houses, lithographs and photos;Materials of the Commission for Type Printing Chaired by Prince Obolensky for 1831-1865 GG reports, reports and circulars in the Department of 1839-1880 Case of the Second Expedition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the involvement of various persons accused of anti-government activities, espionage, vagabilities;On the rules for issuing passports by foreign subjects for 1802-1811, the case of the Accounting Department on the compilation of estimates for the Department for 1841-1866, the registration and reference apparatus for 1802-1905 GBS and alphabets on persons held under the supervision of the police for 1863-187944, 45, 47, 48 and 51 are transferred to Tsagar (now Garf)FilmmerRussia Department of the Police ExecutiveOrganization-creator recordingRGIAStorage cipherRGIA 1286.NoteUsed materials of the site of the Russian State Historical Archive (http: // wwwfgurgiaru / object / 27603642)Cord book about the amounts of the Department of Department [Case]: 1820 g - 1820 -21 l;36.5x26 cm - (Foundation Department of Police of the Executive Ministry of Internal Affairs № 2 1820 g) -Orig Title Affairs: Book Parious 1820 gI Russia Ministry of the Interior Department of the Police ExecutiveElectronic copy source: RGIAPlace of Storage Original: RGIA F 1286 OP 2 1820 g D 226

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