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FundRGIA F 768.Imperial Association Society 1804-1918IdentifierBD07C863-DA40-46A9-B6DA-9BC42002404AText languagerusNameImperial human-loving societyDates1804-1918.Volume1884 storage unitsOrganization3 OopsLevelFundannotationThe rescript of Emperor Alexander I 16 of May 1802 in St. Petersburg was formed by a charity society, the name "benefactor" on August 30, 1814 was renamed the Imperial Personnel Society The first chief guardian of the company Prince A n Golitsyn proposed to create the Council of the Company and developed a draft of his organization, the highest approved 16The medical and philanthropic committee was obeyed by the Council (founded in 1802) and the trustees about the poor committee (founded in 1805), and their office amounted to one of the Council's office, the Company was engaged in the organization and provision of shelters, vocationally, educational, medical and otherCharitable institutions in St. Petersburg and the provinces in 1916 in the jurisdiction of the Company were 278 formed at different times of charitable institutions, for the maintenance of which more than 2 million rubles were spent annually together with the institutions subordinated to him, the company was a special office from 1824 to 1912 by the main trustees of societies.and were Metropolitans from St. Petersburg;In 1913-1916 - DTS, Senator V and Markevich, from 1916 member of the State Council, Senator, DTS P P C Mobylinsky Resolution of the Provisional Government on May 12, 1917, the company included in the Ministry of State Championship Foundation Received EGAF in 1918The Fund presents: the highest decrees and rescripts;Charters, provisions and States of institutions subordinate to society;Favorite fortresses and gift entries for property acquired by society and donated to him in 1804-1916 (OP 1) Reports of the Company, Committee on Accounting and Charitable and Educational Institutions;Cases on the establishment of charitable and educational institutions, medical institutions, about donation by various persons of the property to society;materials on personnel;Houses of houses 1816-1918 (OP 2)Magazines of the Council of the Company, a medical and philanthropic committee, a class committee for the charity of juvenile poor and economic and technical committee;reports of the Council of the Company, the Medical and Philanthropic Committee and medical institutions;All-nothing reports of the Council of the Company, cases of the activities of charitable and educational institutions, about donations in their favor;Personal Materials 1854-1913 (OP 3)FilmmerHuman-loving societyOrganization-creator recordingRGIAStorage cipherRGIA 768.NoteThe materials of the RGIA website are used: http: // wwwfgurgiaru / object / 27611885Foundation name on the website of RGIA (http: // wwwfgurgiaru / object / 27611885): a human-loving societyThe case with copies from the highest rescripts and the states of the medical and philanthropic committee [Case]: May 18, 1802 - 3 October 1816 - 1802-1816 -18 l;36.5x26 cm - (Foundation Imperial Association Society Opve No. 3)I Russia Imperial Association SocietyElectronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: RGIA F 768 OP 3 D 86

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