Commission for the preparation of laws.Foundation Commission for the compilation of laws.Correspondence of the Commission with t...

FundRGIA.F. 1259.Commission for compiling laws 1796-1804.Identifier7738A031-F952-4C0A-9758-7FD222BF5E1CText languagerusNameCommission for the compilation of lawsDates1796-1804Volume50 E.Khr.Organization1 op.LevelFundOrganization-creator recordingRGIAStorage cipherRGIA 1259.Correspondence of the Commission with the State Treasury, Geroldmakership Office, an expedition for revising accounts and other institutions about the Commission's expenses;about delivered to the commission the documents and information necessary for it;On the definition of officials to the Commission and on other issues [Case]: January 24, 1802 - February 29, 1804. Part 4. - 1802-1804.-110 l.;36.5x26 cm. - (Foundation Commission for the compilation of laws. Inventory No. 1).-Internal opis, see in Business No. 25..I. Russia.Commission for the preparation of laws.Electronic Source: PBOriginal storage place: RGIA.F. 1259. OP.1. D. 27.

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