Museum of History of Borovichi and Borovichsky Territory

Museum of History Borovichi and Borovichsky Territory: [documentary] / Author and director: A. Dancerev;Camera and installation: fighters;Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve.- Electronic data (2 video files).-Sanct-Petersburg: Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve: Novgorod Regional Television, 2014. -Systems.Requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;RAM 512 MB or higher;Windows;Windows Media Player;Video adapter; mode: Presidential Library named after B. N. Yeltsin.Title from the screen.Multimedia electronic edition.The film describes the exposition of the Museum of History of the City of Borovichi and the Borovichsky Territory, Odin from the oldest museums of the Novgorod region.The museum was founded in 1918 by the decision of the Borovichsky county department of the national education.The historical exposition covers the period from the Stone Age era to the events of 1917.- Used site information Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve ( Dancerev, Andrei.II.Fighters, Grigory.III.Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve.IV."Novgorod Regional Television", Regional State Autonomous Institution.1.Novgorod State Joint Museum-Reserve - Multimedia publications.2. Museum of history of the city of Borovichi and the Borovichsky Territory (Borovichi, city; Novgorod region) - Multimedia publications.3. People (collection).4. The territory of Russia: Novgorod region (collection).5. Territory (collection).6. Borovichi, city (Novgorod region) - History - Multimedia publications.7. Borovichsky district (Novgorod region) - History - Multimedia editions.8. Documentary films.BBK 63.3 (2rd-4nov) y04Electronic Source: Novgorod Museum-ReserveOriginal Storage Place: Novgorod Museum-Reserve
Publisher Новгородский государственный объединенный музей-заповедник Новгородское областное телевидение
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