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Department of Education of the Ministry of Education (1803-1917) 1784-1918 biennium
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Dates 1784-1918
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It was founded on January 7, 1803 as the Department of the Minister of Public Education October 24, 1817, renamed the Department of Education in the Ministry of Spiritual Affairs and Public Education. He was in charge of educational institutions and scientific institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Public Education. Until April 19, 1904 was the only department within the Ministry. Initially, the Department consisted of three departments: Economic, Disposal and Counting In the future, the affairs in the Department of Education were distributed according to the administrative-territorial sign: Since 18 June 1863 the department began to be divided into categories: the Inspectorate, the Pension, the Academic Institutions, the Higher Educational Institutions, the Technical Educational Institutions, the Secondary Educational Institutions, the Teacher's Seminary and the Primary Schools, the Teaching Institutes and the Urban Schools, Female and private educational institutions, By the formation of Jews, General Affairs From 1867 to 1873 there was also a special Rank of the Warsaw Academic District On February 8, 1893, in connection with the creation of the Department of the O The division of industrial schools was abolished (converted to this department). The ranks were divided into records management. Since April 19, 1904, cases on staff and pensions of faculty and employees of all educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Public Education have been excluded from the conduct of the department. This Department excluded the Inspectorate and Pension Categories. In connection with the establishment of the Department of General Affairs at the same time as part of the Department of Public Education I was abolished the category of general affairs. The number of teachers' institutes and urban schools and the number of teachers' seminaries and urban schools were then unified in the category of teachers' institutes, seminaries and lower educational institutions. Since 1907, there was a Department for the introduction of universal education in the Department. The department was abolished on June 9 1917 year

Reports on the Ministry of Public Education and their annexes, general cases on scientific institutions, higher, secondary and lower educational institutions; about inventions; on the procedure for awarding academic degrees; on the staff of the Department and etc., the materials of I, II and III offices (cases of special measures of the government in connection with the revolution of 1848 in Europe, of scientific institutions, higher, secondary and lower educational institutions, the donation of money, houses, libraries , collections and other in favor of educational institutions, the opening of observatories in Kazan, Tiflis and Astrakhan, the activities of an ad hoc committee established to review decrees on the Ministry of Public Education, on the activities of scientists (Ostrogradsky, NI Pirog Ova, NN Zinin, ME Kittara, etc.), cases concerning the activities of scientific educational societies, including the Society for the Establishment of Schools for Mutual Learning, with the participation of the Decembrists, inventors (IP Kulibine et al), participants in round-the-world travel, reports of scientific institutions and training establishments, statutes, schedules of classes of educational institutions, cases on drawing up reports on the Ministry of Public Education and educational districts), cases on the publication of a collection of decisions on the Ministry of Public Education, cases on censorship, cases of unrest in educational institutions, materials for secret office work, cases for individual study districts, etc.

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Alphabet decrees of the Governing Senate on approval in the service, exclusion from the salaries of teachers and others in the Odessa educational district [Case]: 1802 g - 1863 g - 1802-1863 -43 l; 36,5х26 cm - (Fund of the Department of Public Education Inventory No. 5)
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