Elementary Course of Russian History

Dobrynin, K.I.
Elementary course in Russian history: for I and II classes gymnasium and real-schools and urban schools: Over 104 Fig. / Comp. K.I. Dobrynin, the director of Kashinsky Alekseevsky real school. - 5 th ed., Ext. -Moscow: Ed. V.S. Spiridonova, 1913. -272 p. : ил .. -
Учеб. Com. at Own. E.I.V. Chancery for the institution. Imp. Mary was admitted as a guide for women's institutions and gymnasiums. (As of November 30, 1911, for No. 30596).
Scientist. Com. Min. Nar. Prosv. allowed (in 3 editions) for secondary schools and urban schools, according to the Regulations of 1872, schools. (Journal of the Ministry of Labor, 1911, May).
1. The people (the collection).
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Publisher издатель В. С. Спиридонов
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