About the system and life of Vico

Michelet, Jules (1798-1874).
On the system and life of Vico: Ist.-biogr. study with adj. detailed. list of contents. "New Science" / J. Michelet; Trans. with fr. [and pre.] Stud. Imp. Kharkov. University of Nicholas Parokonnogo, ed. prof. V.P. Buzescula. - Kharkov: Ed. book. store of A.D. Karchagin, 1896. - [4], IV, 51 p. ; 23 cm. -
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I. The steamer, Nikolay. II. Buzeskul, Vladislav Petrovich (1858-1931). III. Vico, Jambattista (1668-1744) .1. The people (the collection).
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