Russian state in the half of the XVII century. [Ch. 2]

Krizhanich, Yuri (about 1618-1683).
Russian state in the middle of the XVII century: Manuscript of the times of Tsar Alexis / [Yu. Krizhanich]; Opened, [provided notes.] And ed. P. Bessonov. Part 1-. - Moscow: Type. Alexandra Semyon, 1859-1860. - 22. -
At 2 am part of the text par. on rus. and lat.
From after. Part 2: "... The author who occupies us, Yuri Yavkanitsa, who was known in the literature under the name of Krizhanich." We recall that the name "The Russian State in the Half of the 17th Century" was given by us arbitrarily, according to the contents of the manuscript, which in itself does not have an exact and definite title ... P. Bessonov. "
It is also known under the heading: Politics.
In the manuscript zagl .: Conversations about the ownership.
I. Bessonov, Peter Alekseevich (1828-1898). II. Alexey Mikhailovich (Russian Tsar, 1629-1676).
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[Ch. 2]. - A type. Alexander Semyon, 1859. - [6], 98 with .. -
Attached. to No. 2 of the Russian Conversation for 1859. - Ex .: without a domain
1. Territory (collection).
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