[In memory of Konstantin Dmitrievich Kavelin]

Korsakov, Dmitry Alexandrovich (1843-1920).
[In memory of Konstantin Dmitrievich Kavelin]. - [SPb.]: Type. A.S. Suvorin, [1885]. -8 seconds, 1 liter. front. (portrait). -
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Ott. from Zhurn .: Historical. Herald, 1885, T. 20, book. 6, p. 1-6, 1 liter. portraits .. - Ex .: without. and tit. l.
I. Kavelin, Konstantin Dmitrievich (1818-1885) .1. The people (the collection).
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Location of original: SPbSU
Publisher тип. А.С. Суворина

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