Sir Thomas Smith travel and stay in Russia

Sir Thomas Smith travel and stay in Russia: With pictures with the title. pages of English. original 1605 and from three letters by T. Smith / Transl., insert. and note. THEM. Boldakova, librarian of the Imp. Publ. b-ki. - St. Petersburg: Ed. gr. S.D. Sheremetev, 1893. - [4], XX, 125 p., 1 l. front. (fax), 3 liters. Fax. ; 26 cm. -
Bibliography. in the text and a substring. Notes .. - Ex .: without obl.; def .: with. XVII-XX absence.
I. Boldakov, Innokentiy Mikhailovich (1846-1918). II. Smith, Thomas (late 16th-early 17th century). III. Smith, Thomas (1558? -1625) .1. The people (the collection).
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Location of original: SPbSU
Publisher типография В. С. Балашева и К
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