About the so-called manuscript of Patriarch Filaret

Kondratiev, A.
On the so-called manuscript of Patriarch Filaret: Issled. A. Kondratieff. - [St. Petersburg, 1878]. -FROM. 22-83; 22 cm. -
Bibliography. in a substring. - From "Journal of the Ministry of Public Education" for 1878 g. - Ex: without tit. l., with a dedicatory inscription Е.Е. Zamyslovsky from the author.
I. Filaret (Romanov, Fedor Nikitich, circa 1554 / 53-1633). II. Zamyslovsky, Yegor Yegorovich. III. Romanov, Fedor Nikitich (about 1554 / 53-1633) .1. The people (the collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: SPbSU

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