Life A.S.Pishchevich, they themselves described.1764-1805

Pishchevich, Alexander SemenovichLife A.S.Pishchevich, they themselves described.1764-1805: at 3 h / s preface.and notes.d.chl.Nile Popova.- M.: ed.Imp.About the history and antiquities of Russian with Mosk.University, 1885. -274 s .. a substrateNotes .. - From Zh."Reading in imp. O-ve history and antiquities of Russian at the Moscow Un-Te's" 1885 KN.1..I. Popov, Neil.1.People (collection).2. Russia, 1762-1801.- Sources - memories, diaries, travel notes.Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: SPbSU
Publisher Изд. Имп. О-ва истории и древностей Российских при Моск. университете

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