Administrative Justice

Lemayer, Carl
Administrative Justice: The concept of protection subjective. pub. rights. in connection with the development of views on the state / Dr bar. Carl Lemier, second before. Austria. adm. court; Trans. with him. bar. A.E. Nolde, priv.-Assoc. S.-Petersburg. un-ta; [Foreword: V. Deryuzhinsky]. - St. Petersburg: The Senate. type., 1905. - [8], 207 p. : tab. ; 23 cm. -
Bibliography. in a substring. Note .. - Appl. to No. 5 "Journal of the Ministry of Justice." (May 1905).
I. Deryuzhinsky, Vladimir Fedorovich (1861-1920). II. Nolde, Alexander Emilievich (1873-1919) .1. The people (the collection).
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