The Kingdom of Westphalia and its destruction by Adjutant General Chernyshev

Specht, Frederick Augustus Karl von (1802-1879).
The Kingdom of Westphalia and the destruction of its general-adjutant Chernyshev / Soch. F. K. Von-Specht, cap. Hesse. gene. headquarters; Trans. regiment. Bogdanovich and Cap. Kaznakomov. - St. Petersburg: type. E. Weimar, 1852. - [2], IV, 221 pp., 2 liters. kart. ; 24 cm. -
Bibliography. in a substring. Notes .. - Perepech. with the permission of the Military-Scientist. com. from the "Military Journal.", 1852, No. 2-4. - Ex .: without a domain
I. Bogdanovich. II. Treasurers. III. Chernyshev. IV. Russia. Military-Scientific Committee. The people (the collection).
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Publisher Тип. Э. Веймара

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