Essays on Critical Philosophy

Spire, African Alexandrovich (1837-1890).
Essays on Critical Philosophy: With a short. biogr. A. Shpira, comp. translator / A. Shpir; Trans. with fr. ON. The braker. - Moscow: Type. Wilde, 1901. -XLII, 118 p. ; 20 cm - (The publication of the "Mediator." For intelligent readers, 82). -
On tit. l. issue number: No. 82.
At the end of the biogr. essay: Natalia Bracker.
Bibliography: "A list of books that talk about the philosophy of the spy" (pp. XXXIX-XLI), on p. XXXVIII and a substring. Notes .. - Ex .: without region
I. Bracker, Natalia A. 1. The people (the collection).
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