Evfimiy Chudovsky (-1705).
[Osten: Monument to the Rus. perfume. writing of the XVII century: With the portrait. Patriarch Vseros. Joachim]. - [Kazan: Univ. type., 1865]. -FROM. 97-209. -
The authorship was erroneously attributed to the patriarch Joachim; action. aut. Euthymius, the monster monk; established by Izd .: Brockhaus and Efron. The encyclical. dictionary. 509.
Bibliograf. in a substring. note .. - [Att. to the "Orthodox interlocutor." 1865]. - Ex .: without reg. and tit. l .; def .: part of the text is missing
I. Joachim (Savelov, Ivan, 1620-1690). II. Savelov, Ivan (1620-1690) .1. Russian language (collection).
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