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Main Redemption Institution Ministry of Finance 1861-1895
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Dates 1861-1895
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It was founded on October 27, 1861, during the implementation of the peasant reform for the management of the exodus Under the redemption clause of 19021861, until 02081862, it consisted of the St. Petersburg Conservation Treasury, and then under the Ministry of Finance under the supervision of the Council of State Credit Institutions. The main redemption institution included a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and two deputies from the nobility. The main redemption institution issued permits for the issuance loans on the considered and approved in peasant institutions with the participation of representatives of the financial administration of redemption transactions, disposed of procurement state arstvennyh five per cent of bank notes and certificates and delivered them to the provincial redemption institutions (up to 01011884) To state the five per cent of banknotes has pursued circulation with the issuance of capital for tickets released for circulation (up to 01,011,884) annually (up to 15,011,885, in 1865, together with the Council of peasant institutions ) The main redemption institution compiled a report on the redemption operation The main redemption institution permitted difficulties arising from the application of the Regulation on redemption of 19021861 and presented through the Special Office for Credits (from 22011882 the chairman of the Main Redemption Agency reported directly to the minister in order to reduce the census and speed up the reform). Since 1868, cases to monitor the receipt of redemption payments, in particular cases on general issues transfer of peasants for redemption and drawing up of reports on redemption payments were transferred to the Department of overhead fees. The main redemption institution considered new projects and proposals for the conduct iju redemption operation; from 22011882 from the Special Office on the credit side, the consideration of cases on supplementing, amending and explaining the rules of the Regulation on redemption, on drawing up instructions to the state chambers was transferred. From 01011884, he was responsible for reviewing and approving redemption deals and acts. In the structure of the main redemption institution, there were branches I-VIII, X, Office of General Affairs), Office and Accounting)Abolished since 0107 1895 g of the transfer functions of the Department of the accountant charges

The collection presented case redemption allotments the temporarily farmers Astrakhanskaya lips (Op 1), Bessarabskaya lips (Op 2) Wilensky lip (Op 3) Viciebsk lips (Op 4), Vladimir lips (Op 5), Vologod lips (Op 6), Volynskaaya lips (Op 7), Voronezh lips (Op 8) Vyatskaya lips (op 9) Grodnensk lips ( 10), the Ekaterinoslavskaya Bay (op 11), the Kazan Bay (op 12), the Kaluga Bay (op 13), the Kiev Bay (op 14), the Kovno Gub (op 15), the Kostroma Bay (op 16) 17), the Minsk region (op 18), the Mogilev lip (op 19), the Moscow gub (op 20), the Nizhny Novgorod gub (op 21), the Novgorod gub (op 22), the Donskoy region (op 23), the Olonets lip (op 24), the Orenburg gulf 25), Orlovskaya lips (op 26) Penzenskaia lips (op 27) Perm lip (OP 28), Podolsky lips (op 29) Poltavska lips (op 30) Pskovskaia lips (op 31) Riazanskaia lips (op 32 ), Samara lip (OP 33), Saratov lips (op 34) Petersburg lips (op 35) Simbirskaya lips (op 36) Smolenskaya lips (op 37) Stavropolskaya lips (op 38) Tavricheskaya lips (op 39) , Tambov Bay (op 40), Tver Bay (op 41), Tiflis Bay (op 42), Tula Bay 43), the Ufa Bay (op 44), the Kharkov Bay (op 45), the Kherson Gulf (op 46), the Chernigov Bay (op 47), the Yaroslavl Gulf (op 48), the same, the Terek Bay (op 49) ; Correspondence of the chairman of the Main buy-out institution MK Zeymern with private persons about redemption operations - materials of the Chancery; cases of extradition of redemption loans - materials of I VIII, X branches; on redemption transactions, on the retention of money for the payment of private debts - materials of the General Affairs Department Cases on bookkeeping Statutory instruments Lists of redemption transactions For the years 1861-1895 (op 50) Cases of service; demanding statements (op 51). Magazines of meetings of the main redemption institution; statements on permitted redemption transactions; personal accounts of receipt of redemption payments; accounting calculations for redemption transactions; affairs about the landlord structure of peasants; detailed statements on the turnover of loans for redemption operations (by gubernias); registration and info system (op 52)

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The case of the redemption of land plots temporarily lodged by the peasants of the Baluyev and ND Zakharyin villages of the Upper Podpola, Zadub'e and others Ostashkovsky district of the Tver province [Business]: December 8, 1882 - November 2, 1884 - 1882-1884 -58 liters; 36.5x26 cm - (Fund of the Ministry of Finance's main buy-out institution Inventory No. 41) -
Origigal title: The case of Baluyev VSand Zakharyina ND of the Tver province of Ostashkovsky district of the villages of the Upper Podpola, Zadub'e, Luchkov and Mikhailovschiny December 8, 1882 - November 2, 1884
I Russia Ministry of Finance The main redemption institution
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