Three hundred troops of Donskoy 1570-1870

Savelyev, Andronik Minaevich (1835-1875).Three hundredth anniversary of the Troops of the Donskoy 1570-1870: Essays from the history of the Don Cossacks / am Saveliev.- St. Petersburg: the publication of the Don Aviation Statistical Committee, 1870. - [2], VI, 124, [1] with.;25 cm. -Dedicated to the sovereign to the Heir to Zesarevich, Alexander Alexandrovich.Bibliography: s.VI and in substitution notes..I. Alexander III (Emperor Russian; 1845-1894) .1.Don Cossack army.2. Power (collection).3. People (collection).4. Cossacks (collection).BBK 63.3 (28-8 bl) 5BBK 68.519.10-1Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: Russian Geographical Society
Publisher издание Донского войскового статистического комитета
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