Tolstoy Dmitry Andreevich, Earl (1823-1889), minister of public education, minister of internal affairs and chief of the gendarm...

Foundation RGIA. F. 1664
Tolstoy Dmitry, Earl (1823-1889), Minister of Education, Minister of Internal Affairs and the chief of the corps of gendarmes, a member of the State Council. 1730-1910 gg
Identifier 8ec4f0b3-03b4-49bd-987d-6ace7efc68a5
Text Language rus
Dates 1730-1910
Volume Uninstall
Organization 1 op.
Level Foundation
Record creation organization RGIA
Storage Digest RGIA 1664
The letter of P. Cherevin DA Tolstoy about the arrest of Sergei Ivanov [Case]: January 28, 1884 - 1884. -1 l. ; 36x22 cm - (Tolstoy Fund Dmitry Andreevich, Earl (1823-1889), Inventory No. 1). -
Orig. headline: Cherevin's letter to P. Tolstoy. January 28, 1884
I. Tolstoy, Dmitry Andreevich (Count, 1823-1889).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: РГИА. F. 1664. Op. 1. D. 195.

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