On Amendments to the Standard Requirements for Technical Assignments for Designing Construction or Reconstruction of Stadiums in...


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Russian Federation. Ministry of Sport.
On the introduction of changes to the Standard requirements for technical assignments for the design of the construction or reconstruction of stadiums in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation approved by Order of the Ministry of Sport of Russia of September 10, 2012 No. 189: Order of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation of 15 January 2015, No. 55. - Moscow, 2015. -2 sheets. -
At the end of the text, the signature: Minister VL Mutko.
Electronic version of the legal act (2 files, JPEG: 1.3 MB.)
Published in the sources: Bulletin of normative acts of federal executive bodies from 2015, No. 26; The official Internet portal for legal information (www.pravo.gov.ru) of 27.2.2015 (No. 0001201502270027).
1. World Football Championship (21; 2018) - Preparation - Legal acts. 2. Power (collection). 3. Sports in Russia (collection). 4. Stadiums - Planning and construction - Legal acts. 5. Russian Federation - Policy in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism - Legal acts.
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Source of the electronic copy: The official Internet portal of legal information
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