The annual report .... ... 2017

Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).
Annual report ... / Presidential Library; [scientific editor: D.D. Zhabko, doctor of pedagogical sciences]. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2011. - 30 cm. - .
I. Zhabko, Elena Dmitrievna. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, city) - Reports.
ББК 78.342я03
ББК 027
Source of the electronic copy: PB
... 2017 / [scientific editors: Dr. NV Dunaeva, doctor of pedagogics ED Zhabko, doctor of historical sciences PV Fedorov; responsible for the issue: V. V. Sidorin]. - 2018.-127 p. : ill., portrait., color. yl., color. portr., diagr .. -95 copies. -ISBN 978-5-9909733-7-4 .
I. Dunaeva, Natalia Viktorovna (Doctor of Law). II. Fedorov, Pavel Viktorovich (Doctor of Historical Sciences, 1976-). III. Sidorin, Valentin Valentinovich. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) - Reports.
BBK 78.347.1 (2Ros) i03
BBK 027
Source of electronic copy: PB
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ISBN 978-5-9909733-7-4
Publisher Президентская библиотека
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