Decorative and sculptural composition "The Wall of Champions of the Games" (Sochi)

Korotkova, Elena Viktorovna
Decorative and sculptural composition "The Wall of Champions of the Games" (Sochi): [photo] / photo EV Korotkova. - Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG, 0.8 MB). -Sochi, June 10, 2018. -
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On February 7, 2015, the ceremonial opening of the decorative and sculptural composition "The Wall of the Games Champions", installed on the Medalz- a plaza in the Olympic Park in Sochi. The monument consists of two symmetrical pyramids of white color, 16 meters wide and 6 meters high, symbolizing the image of the snow-capped mountains. The pyramids are united by a stylized volumetric element in the form of a globe with the contours of continents 3 m in diameter. 887 diamond tablets of golden, silver and bronze are placed on the pyramids with the names of the winners of the Winter XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games, indicating the merit of medals and sports .
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