World Cup 2018. Welcome registration of Moscow. Stadium "Luzhniki"

Korotkova, Elena Viktorovna
World Cup 2018. Welcome registration of Moscow. Stadium "Luzhniki": [photo] / photo by Ye. V. Korotkova. - Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG, 0.5 MB). -Moscow, June 17, 2018. -
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Photo info is provided by the author. Location and date of the survey: Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory, June 17, 2018.
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The large sports arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex is located not far from Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow. The stadium was opened on July 31, 1956. Since then, repeatedly rebuilt. To date, the unified architectural and park ensemble "Luzhniki" unites more than 80 buildings and objects, the most important of which are: Small Sports Arena, Sports Palace, Swimming Pool, HSS "Friendship", Sports Town. The main building is the Great Sports Arena. In preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a large-scale reconstruction of the Grand Sports Arena and the renovation of the whole territory of the sports complex were carried out. On September 9, 2017, a grand opening was held. The Luzhniki Olympic Complex is the main sports ground in Moscow, where traditional sports, mass and cultural events take place. Dimensions of the football field of the stadium 105х68 m, capacity - 81 thousand spectators. Within the framework of the World Cup 2018, four games of the group stage took place on the Grand Sports Arena, including the opening match, the 1/8 finals, the semifinal and the final of the tournament .
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