World Cup 2018. Welcome registration of the city of Sochi. "The Bowl of the Olympic Flame". [1]

Korotkova, Elena Viktorovna
World Cup 2018. Welcome registration of the city of Sochi. "The Bowl of the Olympic Flame". [1]: [photo] / photo by EV Korotkova. - Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG, 0.4 MB). -Sochi, June 10, 2018. -
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Photo info is provided by the author. Date and place: Sochi, Olympic Park, June 10, 2018.
In the photo: "The Bowl of the Olympic Flame", flags of the countries participating in the World Cup 2018 and flags with the symbols of the football championship, set around the square "Medal" -Plaza.
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"The Bowl of the Olympic Flame" is located in the Olympic Park of Sochi, built in 2013 in preparation for the XXII Winter Olympic Games. The bowl is located on the central axis of the main stadium "Fisht" and the indoor skating center "Adler-Arena" and is the dominant of the central square "Medal-Plaza". The Bowl of the Olympic Flame is constructed in the form of a stylized sculpture "Firebird", crowned with a fiery crest. The Firebird has a long swan neck and fiery wings that embrace the bowl. The bowl with a light-musical fountain with a diameter of 75 m, the total height of the structure is about 50 m, the flame height of the torch is 7.5 m. The Sochi torch became the largest in the history of the Olympics. The bowl-fountain is surrounded by a pedestrian zone for spectators. On the perimeter of the bowl is a white highlight in the form of a closed ring to create a sensation of flying a bird over the ground. The "Firebird" figure is also highlighted, and special lighting effects cover the body of the bird with colored "feathers" that can be painted in the colors of the flags of different countries. After the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games, the construction of the "Olympic Bowl" is used as a light-music fountain, gas equipment is conserved .
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