World Cup 2018. Fan Zone (Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory)

Korotkova, Elena Viktorovna
World Cup 2018. Fan Zone (Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory): [photo] / photo EV Korotkova. - Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG, 0.7 MB). -Moscow, June 17, 2018. -
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Within the framework of the World Cup 2018 in the cities hosting the championship games, special fan zones for football fans. In Moscow, a fan zone with a capacity of 40 thousand people opened on Vorobyovy Gory, near the main building of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. In the days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, matches are broadcast live on large screens. From the observation platform of Vorobyovy Gory there is a panorama of Moscow and a view of the main arena of the football championship 2018 - the Luzhniki stadium, the roof of which is turned into an interactive scoreboard, where the current score of games is displayed. In between concerts for the spectators concerts and other mass events are organized .
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