Nikolai Stepanovich Lebedev


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Electronic photo reproduction: Nikolai Stepanovich Lebedev: [photo] [Leningrad, 1930s] 1 sheet: photo print, black and white On the reverse side - the ink inscription: NS Lebedev Being dean of the bibliographic Faculty Location: St. Petersburg State (1893-1959) - Byzantine historian, bibliographer, bibliophile In 1920 he graduated from the Book Studies and Bibliography course at the Book Chamber with a specialization in "bibliography". He graduated from the Petrograd University in specialty "The history of Byzantium and the history of the USSR" In 1931-1941 he worked in the Public Library named after ME Saltykov-Shchedrin, the library of the All-Union Agricultural Academy named after VI Lenin, the Central Geological Library TsNIGRI In 1942 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences. In 1939, he began his pedagogical activities at the Leningrad Communist Institute of Political Education of NK Krupskaya. He lectured on general bibliographic sources, on the bibliography of historical literature and on source studies, on the history of the USSR. He headed the departments of bibliography and history, in 1945 he became the first dean of the faculty of bibliography (until 1952). Managed graduate students of the Leningrad State Library Institute named after N Krupskaya and the State MI Saltykov-Shchedrin NG Public Library Lebedev collected over 10,000 volumes of his personal library: books on Byzantium, the history of Kiev and Moscow Russia, the history of the Middle Ages, the Orient, Rome and Greece, bibliography and library science. Part of books on bibliography and library science. was transferred by his widow to the Leningrad State Library Institute named after NK Krupskaya, and the collection of history books in full was sold to the Georgian Republican Library on the condition of storage by an entire collection -
1 Lebedev, Nikolay Stepanovich (1893-1959) - Photographs 2 St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture - Professors and teachers - History - Photographs 3 Russia in Faces (collection) 4 People (collection) 5St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture (collection) 6 Documentary photos 7 Portrait photos
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