FIFA World Cup 2018. Brazilian fan Elias de Sousa Aguer in St. Petersburg

Kassirova, Anastasia Alexeevna (1991-).
FIFA World Cup 2018. Fan of the Brazilian national team Elias de Sousa Aguer in St. Petersburg: [photo] / photo by AA Kassirova. - Electronic graphic data (1 file, JPEG: 2.5 MB). -Saint Petersburg, June 22, 2018. -
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Photo info is provided by the author. Place and date of filming: St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island, June 22, 2018.
In the photo: Brazilian fan Elias de Sousa Aguera rolls a girl on a two-story bicycle near the St. Petersburg stadium before the Brazil-Costa Rica match.
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Traveler Elias de Souza Aguer from Brazil brought a two-story bicycle to the World Cup 2018 to ride fans before the matches. The construction on which the fans move is a modified bicycle with a high frame. The Brazilian traveler flew to Russia with his son, the bicycle was disassembled. Travelers on an unusual bicycle visited several cities of Russia, hosting matches of the World Cup. Elias de Souza Aguier has already visited eight world championships. For 33 years of traveling, the Brazilian traveled 50 countries on five continents .
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