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Let the world hear: [documentary] / authors of the idea: Alexey Ilchenko, Arkady Sosnov; scenario: Arkady Sosnov; directors: Evgeny Zakharov, Arkady Sosnov; operators: Ksenia Vasilyeva, Yevgeny Zakharov; Original music: Maxim Alekseev; producers: Alexey Ilchenko, Natalia Konyushenko; Almanac "Russian Maecenas", St. Petersburg studio of documentary films "Window". - Electronic data (1 video file). - [St. Petersburg], 2017. -
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With the support of the Nonprofit Partnership for the Promotion of Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities by Hearing "Parent Association" I I hear the world! ".
Subtitles in Russian.
Duration: 39 min 16 s .Col., Sound
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I. Ilchenko, Alexey. II. Sosnov, Arkady. III. Zakharov, Eugene. IV. "Russian Maecenas", almanac (St. Petersburg). V. "Window", the St. Petersburg studio of documentary films. The people (the collection). 2. Deaf people - Russian Federation - Documentary films. 3. Deaf people - Musical education - Documentary films. 4. Deafness - Rehabilitation of patients - Documentary films. 5. Documentary films.
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