Arkady V. Sokolov

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Electronic photo reproduction: Arkady V. Sokolov: [photo]. [Leningrad, 1970s]. 1 sheet: photo printing, black and white. On the back side there is an inscription in ink: A. Sokolov. Location: St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.
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Arkady V. Sokolov (1934) - Soviet and Russian scientist, specialist in the field of library science, bibliography. , computer science, social communications theory. Candidate of Technical Sciences (1967), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (1979), Professor (1980). Member of ISKO (International Society for the Organization of Knowledge). In 1967-1984 headed the first in the system of domestic library education department of computer science of the Leningrad State Institute of Culture. N. K. Krupskaya, in 1987-1991. - Department of Industrial Bibliography. In 1989-1993 - President of the Petersburg Library Society. He justified the concept of social informatics, is the head of the St. Petersburg School of Semantic Informatics. Since 2009 - Professor of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture .
1. Sokolov, Arkady Vasilyevich (1934) - Photos. 2. St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture - Professors and teachers - History. 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. The people (collection). 5. St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture (collection). 6. Documentary photographs. 7. Portrait photographs.
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