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Electronic photo reproduction: Natalia Maslennikova: [photo]. [Leningrad, 1980s]. 1 sheet: photo printing, black and white. On the back side there is an inscription in pencil: Maslennikov Nat. Nicholas - head. kaf stories. Location: St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.
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Natalia Nikolaevna Maslennikova (1927-2010) - Russian historian, paleographer, doctor of historical sciences, professor, one of the largest experts in the field of medieval history of Pskov. Natalya Nikolaevna worked from 1954 to 2009 at the history department of the Leningrad State Institute of Culture named after N. Krupskaya: 1978-2004. - Head of the Department, 2004-2009 - teacher, professor. In the 1960s was a member of the district council of the Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture. In 1967-1969 N. N. Maslennikova was elected as a deputy of the Leningrad City Council of People’s Deputies of Workers and was secretary of its permanent commission on culture. In 1999, Natalia N. Maslennikova was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" .
1. Maslennikova, Natalya Nikolaevna (1927-2010) - Photos. 2. St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture - Professors and teachers - History - Photos. 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. The people (collection). 5. St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture (collection). 6. Documentary photographs. 7. Portrait photographs.
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