Mystic war. First person

Mystic war. In the first person: [documentary] / director: Vasily Chiginsky; Scriptwriters: Sergey Kraynev, Vasily Chiginsky; production director: Alexander Samsonov; Editing directors: Vladimir Vasilyev, Alexey Melnik; sound producer: Elena Melnik; general producer: Sergey Pochin; Project Manager: Yuri Nikolaev; Studio "PMG". - Electronic data (1 video file). - [St. Petersburg]: SGP, 2017. -
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At the initial frames: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Military Historical Society, SGP Studio represents Mystic War. From the first person.
Duration: 44 min., Col., Star
The materials of the site "History. RF" ( voiny-ot-piervogho-litsa-1).
A multimedia electronic publication.
A documentary on the stories of inexplicable salvation during various wars. From the first person they tell about the events of their military biography a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, an honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Bobrov, a Second World War veteran who went through the war, Peter Mihin, a priest and a war veteran, Archpriest Nikolai Popovich, a participant in the Donbas conflict, a writer Zakhar Prilepin .
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