The road of life of Alexander Grebenshchikov (1894-1954)

The road of life of Alexander Grebenshchikova (1894-1954): [poster / author of idea: Golubeva Tatyana Yuryevna; designer: Olga Sushkova; Copywriter: Svetlana Mazur]. - Electronic data (1 file, JPEG: 1.2 MB). - 2018. -
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Photographs from the family archive of Tatiana Y. Golubeva, granddaughter of Alexander Sergeyevich Grebenshchikov were used in the design.
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The poster was prepared for the small sea tanker "Alexander Grebenshchikov", named after Alexander Sergeyevich Grebenshchikov, who during the Great Patriotic War headed "Balttehflot" and participated in the creation of the Road of Life. In 1945, A. S. Grebenshchikov was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War and the Badge of Honor for the successful fulfillment of special assignments by the Military Council of the Leningrad Front. After the war, he actively participated in the restoration and construction of the ports of the Baltic Sea, shipyards in Leningrad and Riga, in the creation of new harbors and deep-water canals for the country's fleet .
I. Golubeva, Tatyana Yurievna.1. Grebenshchikov, Alexander Sergeevich (1894-1954) - Poster. 2. The people (collection). 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. The memory of the Great Victory (collection).
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