Gasification started in the village // Annals of settlements of the Belgorod region. The 25th of January


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Gasification started in the village: [news]. - -. -
January 25, 1996. Gasification started in the village. The first 15 yards from the house of V.V. Bozhko to D.F. Nagorny are connected.// The Chronicle of the settlements of the Belgorod region: the chronicle / chronicle is kept by Bondar Tamara Mikhailovna, the head of the Belozorovo rural library. - The 25th of January. - 1996 .
I. Belgorod State Universal Scientific Library. Belgorod region: pages of history (collection).
BBK 65.6-55
Source of electronic copy: Belgorod GUNB
Original storage: Belgorod GUNB
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