[Gasification of cultural institutions] // Annals of the settlements of the Belgorod region. October 3


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[Gasification of Cultural Institutions]: [news]. - -. -
October 3, 1996. The Kovalev House of Culture and the Belozorovskaya Rural Library are gasified thanks to the sponsors of the Alekseevsky milk canning factory (director M.N. Chuprina) and the Alekseevsky Meat Factory (director S.I. Bezborodikh). / / Chronicle of Belgorod settlements areas: the chronicle / chronicle is kept by Bondar Tamara Mikhailovna, the head of the Belozorovo rural library. - October 3rd. - 1996 .
I. Belgorod State Universal Scientific Library. Belgorod region: pages of history (collection).
BBK 65.6-55
Source of electronic copy: Belgorod GUNB
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