In Dresden and Leipzig opened the exhibition of photographs of Karl Bulla - the first Russian photo reporter


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In Dresden and Leipzig they opened an exposition of photographs of Karl Bulla, the first Russian photo reporter: [news video] / [screenwriter, director: Ya. Sennikova; operator: V. Yarosh; installation: K. Kondrashov; text reads: J. Sennikova]; Presidential Library. - Electronic data (1 video file). -St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2018. -
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The news video tells about the grand opening of the exhibition "German Karl Bulla, the first Russian photo reporter" , held in a TV-format on October 12, 2018 in the Presidential Library, as well as in the German cities of Dresden and Leipzig. The exhibition includes more than 80 rare photos on 45 tablets. The exposition of the photographic heritage of the famous Bulla dynasty was presented at the German-Russian Institute of Culture in Dresden. This is a joint project of the Karl Bulla Foundation of Historical Photography and the Presidential Library .
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