Leningrad. Bridges and embankments

Leningrad. Bridges and Embankments [Material: electronic resource]: [set of cards] / photo by V. Melnikov; text writer A. Punin. - Electronic data (38 files, JPEG: 54 MB). - (St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2014). -
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On the inside cover is a brief historical essay on the rivers and bridges of Leningrad. On the back of each postcard is a brief history of the image object.
Electronic reproduction of a set of postcards: Leningrad. Bridges and Embankments [Material] / photo by V. Melnikov; text writer A. Punin. Moscow: Planet, 1988. 18 postcards in the cover: color offset. (Cities of the USSR; issue. 1). 7 / 8b-8088. A 13,624. 60 cop. Circulation 200,000 copies. Location: Children's Postcard Museum, St. Petersburg.
There are one, two or three images on the front of each postcard.
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I. Melnikov, V.P. (photographer). Ii. Punin, Andrey Lvovich. Iii. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1. Territory (collection). 2. The territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection). 3. Bridges of St. Petersburg (collection). 4. Postcards in the Presidential Library collection (collection). 5. City bridges - St. Petersburg, the city - Postcards kits. 6. Documentary postcards - USSR - 1945-1991.
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Source of electronic copy: PB
Original Storage: Children's Postcard Museum
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