Letter of Basin David Mordukhovich B.A. Basina


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Bassin, David Mordukhovich (1915-).
The letter of B. Morinukovich Basin, David A. Basina: from the collection of the Surazh Museum of Local Lore. - Field mail 31 ..., October 7, 1944. -1 sheet (paper): silt .. -
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Written by hand, pencil, letter text on both sides of the sheet.
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Letter of Basin David Morduhovich B A. A. Basina. Address: ..., st. Krasnoarmeyskaya 60. The text of the letter begins with the words: "Good afternoon, hello ... ... parents ..." (copyright spelling has been preserved). Before the text is the date: 7 / X-44. The letter is written on the letterhead "Warrior", on the front side - an illustration. Part of the area of ​​the sheet is lost. - Bassin David Mordukhovich (born in 1915) - born in the town of Surazh (Bryansk Region). Lieutenant, commander of a rifle company of the 541 rifle regiment of the 393 rifle division of the 25th Army of the Far Eastern Front. Called Cherekovsky RVK, Belarusian Military District, 10/10/1936. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1945), Order of the Patriotic War, II degree. Used materials of the Internet portal "Memory of the People" (https://pamyat-naroda.ru/) .
I. Dyakonova, Tatiana Ivanovna. Ii. Surazh museum of local lore.1. Basin, David Mordukhovich (1915-) - Documents and materials. 2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. The people (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Great Patriotic War - Heroes and Heroism - Bryansk Region - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials.
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Source of electronic copy: PB
Original Storage: Surazh Museum of Local Lore
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