Golovkin, Evgeny Pavlovich. Certificate to the medal "For Military Merit"

Golovkin, Evgeny Pavlovich. Certificate to the medal "For Military Merit". - Moscow: Goznak, 1946. -9 p., In the region, paper. -
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Certificate A No. 140574 to medal No. 542677 issued Golovkin Evgeny Pavlovich January 30, 1947 On the 2nd p. There is no photo cover, there is a stamp "Indeed without a photo card". On the 1st with. books: surname, name, patronymic of the owner. On the 2nd with. The books list the medals: the Medal "For Military Merit", below - a handwritten signature: Secretary of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet A. Gorkin. The document is filled with violet ink, certified by the official seal of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The book also contains: Extracts from the Regulations on the medals "For Courage", "Ushakov's Medals", "For Military Merit", "Nakhimov's Medals", "For Labor Valor", "For Labor Difference". - Golovkin Evgeny Pavlovich (1924-1987) during the years of the Great Patriotic War fought on the Leningrad front. From September 1941 to June 1945 - Guard sergeant 1 article, commander of the 19th Battery Division of the 1st Guards Naval Railway Artillery of the Krasnoselskaya Red Banner Brigade of the Baltic Fleet, member of the Königsberg assault. He was awarded the medals "For Military Merit", "For the capture of Koenigsberg", "For the Defense of Leningrad", "For the Victory over Germany", "For Valiant Labor", the Order "Badge of Honor" and other state awards. After the war, he worked in the prosecution authorities (1949-1984) as the head of the department for supervision of the investigation and inquiry in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Senior Counselor of Justice. Honorary Worker of the USSR Prosecutor's Office. Used materials from the publication: Raikov G.P. The Prosecutor's Office of Russia from century to century: from the St. Petersburg province to our days. SPb .: Alaborg, 2012. .
I. Golovkin, Yevgeny Pavlovich (1924-1987) .1. Golovkin, Evgeny Pavlovich (1924-1987) - Documents and materials. 2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. The people (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Great Patriotic War - Heroes and Heroism - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials. 6. "For Military Merit", medal - Documents and materials.
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