Transbaikal Evenks: Problems of Conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage


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Trans-Baikal Evenks: Problems of Conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage: (collection of materials on the results of the cultural research project "Trans-Baikal Evenki") / Ministry of Culture of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Presidential Grants Foundation, ANO Perspective Development of Trans-Baikalia; [compiler: L. D. Titareva, Ph.D. in cultural studies; Editor: E. V. Sedina, Candidate of Cultural Studies]. - Chita: ANO "Perspective Development of Transbaikalia", 2018. -68 p. .. - .
I. Titareva, Larisa Dmitrievna. Ii. Sedina, Elena Vitalyevna. Iii. "Prospective development of Transbaikalia", an autonomous non-profit organization (Chita) .1. The people (collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. The territory of Russia: Trans-Baikal Territory (collection). 4. Evenki - Historical and ethnographic studies - Transbaikalia - Collections.
BBK 63.521 (= 651.1) i43
BBK 63.521 (253.57) i43
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