Russian Drama Theater in the conditions of state protectionism


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Fokin, Alexander Igorevich (Ph.D.).Russian Drama Theater under the conditions of state protectionism: (system analysis of the interaction between theater and state power): dissertation abstract for the degree of candidate of art history: specialty 17.00.01 / Fokin Alexander Igorevich;[Rus.un-t theater.Art-GITIS].- Moscow, 2013. -29 p.;21 cm. -Place of protection: Ros.un-t theater.Art-GITIS.- List of works the end of the text (7 titles.).- a word spacenote .. - As a manuscript..-100 copies.1. Power (collection).2. Year of theater in Russia (collection).3. Theater art.4. Drama Theater Russian - State Support - History - Abstracts of dissertations.5. Theater and power - Abstracts of dissertations.BBK 85.334.3 (2 = 411.2) 6a031BBK 85.330я031BBK 67.401.12я031Source of electronic copy: Russian Institute of Theatrical Art - GITIS.Site
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