Komsomol members harvesting potatoes (Cheboksary District. Chuvash Republic)


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Komsomol members harvesting potatoes (Cheboksary District, Chuvash Republic): [photo].- 1974. - Photo printing, black and white.-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title from accompanying document.Photo information is provided by the State Historical Archive of the Chuvash Republic.Storage location of the original: GIA CR.A collection of photographic documents.No. 7044.Electronic reproduction (1 file, JPEG: 0.6 MB).User copying is not permitted..1. The people (collection).2. Territory (collection).3. Territory of Russia: Chuvash Republic (collection).4. City of Cheboksary (collection).5. Year of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia (collection).6. Agriculture - Komsomol organizations and their work - Photos.7. Documentary photographs.8. Group photos.BBK 63.3 (2Ros.Chuv) 63ya611Source of electronic copy: State Historical Archive of the Chuvash RepublicPlace of original storage: State Historical Archive of the Chuvash Republic
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