The look of a foreigner.Freedom to help


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Foreign View / Foreign View, international photo competition (9; St. Petersburg; 2018).The look of a foreigner.Freedom to help = Foreign View.Freedom to support.[2018]: IX Annual Multimedia Competition of the Presidential Library: photo album / Presidential Library.- St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2019. -142, [1] p.: colorfot., portr .. -Text in parallel in Russian and English.Author index of photos: s.140. - Index of sources of archival photos: s.140.In 2018, the IX International Photo Contest "Foreigner's Look" / "Foreign View" was held at the Presidential Library.More than 700 participants from 20 countries of the world submitted over 3200 photos and almost fifty videos to the competition.The project was held under the motto "Freedom to help."-45 copies-ISBN 978-5-6042137-3-5.I. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Ii."Freedom to help", international photo contest (8; St. Petersburg; 2018) .1.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, city) - Events - 2018 - Photo albums.2. "Foreign View" / "Foreign View", international photo contest (9; St. Petersburg, city; 2018) - Photo albums.3. The people (collection).4. Territory (collection).5. Russia and countries of the world (collection).6. Year of the volunteer (volunteer) in Russia (collection).7. Volunteer activities - Photo albums.BBK 85.163 (2Ros) Ya611BBK 78.34 (2) Ya611BBK 63.3 (2) 64-76Source of electronic copy: PBOriginal storage location: PB
ISBN 978-5-6042137-3-5
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