Theater Journal in Russia: Genesis and Typology

Shur, Julia Evgenievna (candidate of philological sciences).Theater Journal in Russia: Genesis and Typology: Abstract of a dissertation for the degree of candidate of philological sciences: specialty 05.25.03 / Shur Julia Evgenievna;[Mosk.stateUniversity of Printing them.I. Fedorov].- Moscow, 2014. -25 p.;21 cm .. -Place of protection: Mosk.stateUniversity of Printing them.I. Fedorova.- List of works ed .: p.24-25 (10 titles).- substring.note .. - On the rights of the manuscript..-100 copies.1. The people (collection).2. Year of the theater in Russia (collection).3. Library science, bibliography and book science.4. Theater magazines - Russia - Abstracts of dissertations.5. Theater magazines - USSR - Abstracts of dissertations.6. Theater magazines - Russian Federation - Abstracts of dissertations.BBK 85ya52.ya031BBK 76.024.712g.ya031Source of electronic copy: Moscow StateUniversity of Printing.Site
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